The fully automated machinery from the world’s best BUHLER and passing each grain of rice through a Z+4 SORTEX colour sorter.This means every pack of Anchor Rice contains only the most perfect grains in terms of pearly whiteness and silky smoothness.

Our journey of producing the finest rice starts right from the purchasing of the best raw material by our team of qualified quality professionals and most experienced personnel, to make sure that the raw material purchased is best one so that ultimately the final product will be the best.

After purchasing is done, now the raw material is de-moisturized to its level , then it will be sent to pre-cleaning and cleaning section, where the cleaning is done in FIVE different stages to ensure 0% impurities in the product.

New Products

Health and Hygiene conscious consumers are bringing mega sales.
Nations are aware of the fact that only Anchor Rice,defacto (in realty) has proved its claim of farm to fork safety

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